Cloth dolls with handmade painting and embroidery
Hello! I am glad You have looked at my site. And I hope sincerely to raise Your mood or at least provoke Your smile. At the end of the site after You know my articles, I promise to confide my professional secrets. Last millenium I graduated Art college and being painting the textile in batik technique I came to this wonderful and happy occupation. It doesn't only help me to while away the new millenium, but become good friends with my three daughters as well.
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To the south

"Cat the fisher". This friendly amiable personage never forgets to take care of itself and its business. At my sight it is a good present - talisman for the business people.

"Twix". In spite of everything they like to be together. I believe this present is to the point for anniversaries of living together or at family holidays.
"Violet mosquito"                                             "Yellow mosquito"
"Harlequin - acrobat". This lively energetic personage is made to raise mood for children, teenagers, youth and simply for everybody who likes circus and merry performances.

My "Mermaids" always like to dream. It is a little bit romantic and sentimental personage, a good present - talisman for those who love, for Romeo and Juliet of nowadays.

The lonely mermaid

Friendly mermaids          

"Mosquito" - it's a funny and ridiculous personage as a biblical David, who is always ready to attack Goliaf the Giant. The mosquito is always ready to stand up for itself and force its way to the height of its life.
The mosquito is a wonderful present - talisman for the students and for those, who makes his business career successfully; and for everybody who wants to fly up workaday routine.


"The birds" are always the symbol of freedom and independence. The sky is their home and the whole world is like a village for them. They are to be liked by everybody, who likes to travel and to open the world step by step.


"Mosquitoes battle"

Now after You know my work I'd like to tell You about the materials and techniques I use. At first I paint my personage with special colors on the textile using the technique of cold batik. The doll size is about 20 cm. Then sew the patterns using the painted textile and patches like patchwork, fill the doll with cotton wool. In order to emphasize the personage character I decorate it with glass beads, golden and silver thread, tape. The most difficult ( at my sight ) is to think the character. It is not easy to explain how it comes into my head. It is possible only to wish good luck.
The new art-project "ASIA FROM MY CHILDHOOD"

The gallery presents Olga Oligerova's collection of author's textile dolls with decorative painting (batik technique) and embroidering width golden, silver threads and glass beads." Gallery, doll, toy, author's, collection, batik, gift, artist, shop, souvenirs, Christmas gift, Oligerova, embroidering, talisman, art, textile, decorative, glass beads, New year